Frank Black movie?

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Fans of Chris Carter's other cult classic TV show Millennium have been given all sorts of reports recently about a movie revival; lance Henriksen had apparently been approached to reprise his role of Frank Black, but speculation arose that Carter would stay away from it. So the die-hard fan bunch of the self-explanatory site BacktoFrankBlack took it upon themselves to reach the source and set the record straight.

Getting in touch with the folks of Moviehole, the site's peeps reported having caught up with Carter for an interview where he claimed "..if someone called up and said 'would you consider doing a Millennium movie?' I would certainly consider doing it... I've always had an idea who'd be in that movie but I won't tell you who that is! .. It would be about sitting down with Lance figuring out how he felt."

Good to know but worthless if Frank himself isn't around... But fear not, actor Henriksen had a response when told of Carter's comments. “I'm ready to pack my bags and travel to wherever Chris is staying and talk Millennium. I'm more than willing to conspire with Chris' creativity to make this happen.” We're taking notes here, Lance. Better stick to your word!

So, who's up for  a Millennium movie?

Extra Tidbit: Can't remember where but I remember reading that originally Henriksen was supposed to play the Terminator opposite Arnie as Kyle Reese. And then he played a milk-barfing android in ALIENS...
Source: Moviehole



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