Frank Darabont boots his Walking Dead writing staff, considers freelancers for Season 2

Frank Darabont's hit AMC series "The Walking Dead" has been doing pretty well for itself, bringing in high ratings to the basic cable network and already securing 13 additional episodes for its second season.

So of course, Darabont is now letting go of his entire writing staff. Wait, what?

Deadline is reporting that while some writer turnover can be commonplace, complete overhaul - which is what Darabont is reportedly doing - is unusual. What's more, "The Walking Dead" writer/executive producer/director may in fact forgo a writing staff altogether for the second season and instead assign scripts to freelance writers.

The freelance writer thing has been done by shows such Starz/BBC's "Torchwood", though apparently the plan for "The Walking Dead", a US-based series, may encounter issues with the Writers Guild. No decision has been solidified, however, and Deadline states that the series may eventually wind up using a combination of staff writers and freelancers.

I've been meaning to start following the show (after only catching the very good debut), but I've been hearing that the quality has dipped in the latest episodes. For those of you watching, would you agree? If so, it seems a writer shake-up could only help things out.
Extra Tidbit: Darabont's last major television work was with "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" back in the early 90s.
Source: Deadline



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