Frank Darabont stepping down as the Walking Dead showrunner

Just days after appearing on the panel at Comic-Con, Frank Darabont, who created and directed the pilot episodes of "The Walking Dead," has abruptly left his post as the series showrunner. It's unclear if he'll remain with the program in some reduced capacity or has left entirely.

What motivated Darabont's departure also isn't clear at this time but he gave no indication during last Friday's panel that he was unhappy or thinking of leaving. But there have been signs of trouble since Season 1 wrapped.

Darabont ditched the writing staff after last season opting instead to work with a series of freelance writers for Season 2. This would have allowed Darabont a greater sense of creative control but eventually it proved too much and back in May it was announced that there would be a writing staff after all. Glen Mazzara ("The Shield") was brought in to serve as Darabont's Number 2 during the upcoming season.

Also in May, Darabont openly feared proposed budget cuts from AMC. "I believe if they do move ahead with what they’re talking about [with budget cuts], it will affect the show creatively ... in a negative way," Darabont said at the time. It's possible that AMC did indeed slash the "Walking Dead" budget and, in effect, pushed Darabont out the door.

So with the driving force behind the show gone, do you still have faith in the upcoming season? Who would you like brought in to help shepherd "The Walking Dead?"

Source: THR



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