Frank Darabont's noir series Mob City will not return for a second season

Well, there goes another television series for Frank Darabont. After being booted from THE WALKING DEAD, Darabont developed the TNT series MOB CITY starring Jon Bernthal, Milo Ventimiglia, Neal McDonough, Jeffrey DeMunn, Robert Knepper, and Edward Burns. The high-powered cast looked to be the perfect complement to Darabont's love of retro directors and films. After a three week, six episode debut season opened to lackluster ratings, MOB CITY was cancelled today.

TNT released the following statement about the cancellation.

“Mob City was created as a three-week television event and we are incredibly proud of the six hours we presented of this remarkable drama. Although the ratings of the limited series haven’t warranted more hours we are eager to work with Frank Darabont again and were delighted to bring the vibrant world of Mob City to life.”

Also featuring a supporting turn by Simon Pegg, MOB CITY looked like it could be a unique show that embraced the film noir sub-genre and tell similar stories to the film GANGSTER SQUAD, but in a season-long format. THE WALKING DEAD alumni that populated the series gave it an extra connection to Darabont's previous projects. I am sad to see this one go simply because how great it was to have a weekly dose of Darabont.

Where he goes from here, aside from scripting this summer's GODZILLA reboot, Frank Darabont doesn't have any other films or series in production. Hopefully he gets something going soon as a world without new Darabont films is a sad world, indeed.

Source: Deadline



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