Frank Grillo is no longer attached to The Raid remake

Several days ago it was reported that the American remake of THE RAID: REDEMPTION was stuck in limbo as both its director and production company had vacated the project. Taylor Kitsch was in talks to star alongside Frank Grillo in the remake which was to be directed by Patrick Hughes (THE EXPENDABLES 3), but Kitsch passed in order to board the True Detective train. Now another nail has been driven into the remake's coffin as Frank Grillo, one of the only reasons I was even remotely optimistic about the remake, has declared that he too has moved on.

When the remake was first announced, I found it hard to believe that an American version could ever come close to the bone-crushing action which was on display in THE RAID: REDEMPTION and its sequel; now that the project has seemingly lost all its major players, I may not have to worry about it. However, XYZ Films, the remake's sole remaining production company, is reportedly still searching for a new director and cast.

Frank Grillo recently wrapped on THE PURGE 3 and will return as Crossbones in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR on May 6, 2016.

Source: Twitter



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