Frank Grillo talks returning for Captain America 3 and The Raid remake

While making the rounds promoting his upcoming THE PURGE: ANARCHY, Frank Grillo recently spoke with Collider about possibly returning for CAPTAIN AMERICA 3, and revealed he has been cast in the planned remake of Gareth Evans' THE RAID.

Frank Grillo says there's a very good chance he'll be back as Brock "Crossbones" Rumlow in CAPTAIN AMERICA 3, and has talked about it with the Russo brothers. Just a heads up, there is a CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER spoiler in Grillo's comments below.

I mean, I’m cautiously optimist that you will see me in the not too distant future in the next installment of Captain America...Very early on the Russos said, ‘Look, this is an origin film for this character. We’re gonna discover who this is and this is a big movie with a lot of moving parts, but we’re gonna discover you in this film and, you know, here’s the information about who Brock Rumlow turns into and blah, blah, blah.’ And so we’ve had multiple discussions about what comes after that, that thing. So, you know, it’s obvious Rumlow is covered in rubble and burned to crisp at the end, but you see he’s still there. They don’t do that for no reason.

Grillo also says Crossbones definitely needs to have a costume in the next movie.

He needs a costume! Coincidentally it could be a mask with a crossbones on it.

Although production on THE RAID remake has been pushed back until 2015, Frank Grillo says an offer has been made, and he's still planning on doing it if it does get made.

Well, yeah. I mean, we were officially offered the film, and so that was gonna go in September and now that doesn’t go until January. So, you know, that’s the way the movie business is. You’re officially attached until there is no more movie, you know? But yeah, this is something that I’m planning on doing. Yeah.

Frank Grillo goes on to say he's read the script for the remake, and is excited to start working on the movie with director Patrick Hughes.

You know, the script is great. Patrick Hughes, now that he has this time – who just directed The Expendables 3 – he’s tweaking it a little bit. Sony really is behind the project and I loved it. [I’m] one of the three main characters and, you know, I’m excited about it. I can’t wait to actually go do it because it’s gonna be Americanized, but not overtly Americanized. It’s really gonna keep a lot of what made the first Raid so great.

I'm still not happy a remake of THE RAID is in the works, however Frank Grillo should do a great job as one of the leads. But in my opinion the film itself will be what makes or breaks the remake, not the actors, and I'm hoping Patrick Hughes' version will be just as intense and brutal as Gareth Evans' movie.

Frank Grillo's THE PURGE: ANARCHY will be in theaters on July 18, 2014.

Extra Tidbit: Which character do you think Frank Grillo will be playing in THE RAID remake?
Source: Collider



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