Frank Grillo teases a return for Crossbones in the future

The Marvel Universe is filled with characters big and small, and already we’ve seen countless comic book characters grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of those villains was the dastardly Crossbones played by Frank Grillo, who met an explosive end in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. Death is never the end in the comic book world, though, and Grillo recently teased something big regarding his character.

The actor was speaking with Forbes recently to discuss his standing in the horror genre – being a part of the successful PURGE series – and brought up how there is some exciting news on the horizon regarding his character:

It's great to be part of Marvel too, and I have three boys who are fanatical about Marvel, and I was surprised not too long ago because there is some news that nobody knows yet, to do with my character, that's going to be really interesting and I'm excited about that.

Brief, but intriguing nonetheless, especially given how his character, you know, exploded at the beginning of CIVIL WAR.  Like, literally, exploded. This happened when he was trying to take down Captain America (Chris Evans) with a bomb, but was thwarted when Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) contained the blast with her mystic powers, thrusting him into the air, and into a building, leading to a massive explosion. They don’t exactly make an Advil for that.

Perhaps his character could return as part of a flashback, in some sort of scene taking place between WINTER SOLIDER (where he made his first appearance) and CIVIL WAR. He can’t just “come back”, so if Grillo is indeed teasing a return it boggles the mind as to how Marvel will achieve this.

Crossbones is a pretty important character in the Captain America arc, on top of being just an awesome villain. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with seeing him used as a throwaway villain during his time in the MCU, so perhaps Marvel can find a better use for him by going back in time a bit. Who knows what Frank Grillo meant when he said this? Maybe he’s just [email protected] with us. You could say he had his fingers crossed(bones) when he said it. Right? Right?

Source: Forbes



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