Frank Miller's graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns gets animated?

As a way to compliment the live-action versions of their famous comic characters (or present ones that haven't made it to screens yet), Marvel and DC have each been cranking out animated direct-to-video movies.

Lately, DC in particular has been adapting some of their prominent storylines like BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD and ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, the version of Grant Morrison's recent acclaimed limited series. Now they're pulling one of their most famous stories off the bookshelf and into your DVD player.

According to Bleeding Cool, Frank Miller's influential Batman story THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is currently in the animation pipeline. The seminal 1986 book, driven by Miller's distinct artistic style, takes place in a bleak future Gotham City and finds middle-aged Bruce Wayne un-retiring to wear the cowl to battle the Joker, marauding gangs, and Superman himself.

There's no timeline on when to expect the animated adaptation, but BATMAN: YEAR ONE will apparently arrive first.

Fans of the great "Batman: The Animated Series" have already seen Miller's highly praised book paid tribute in the episode "Legends of the Dark Knight", featuring the voice of Michael Ironside:

Extra Tidbit: Who would you want to see direct a live-action version of the comic? (I'm still trying to forget Miller's abominable sequel.)



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