Prepare for one nation Underwood in new House of Cards season five trailer

Netflix now has a seemingly endless supply of original series, and HOUSE OF CARDS is one of the shows to start it all. The smash hit political drama with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright is approaching the start of its fifth season, and to get you in the mood for more of the Underwood’s shady dealings here is a taunt new trailer for the season. Prepare to have President Underwood around a loooong time.

Though the trailer is laced with the same kind of fast-paced, progressively worsening imagery as many trailers, this one succeeds on the gravitas of Spacey’s narration as Underwood. The character seems to be in a much more aggressive mental state now as he fights for the White House, with the end of season four hinting he’s become a man who’s done playing with politics.

The amount of f**ks he gives is depleted, and now his aspirations seem to be aiming beyond just being the president. The mood really sets in when he goes, “2016…2020…2024…2028…” The honesty is brutal and this season, in light of the 2016 election and current Trump administration, is going to up the ante and give people a political drama that plays on their fears. I would follow Spacey to the end of the earth, so count me in.

The new season of HOUSE OF CARDS arrives on Netflix May 30.

Source: Netflix



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