Freddie Highmore will play Norman Bates in A&E's Psycho prequel series

A&E has been good to me. They've provided tons of interesting shows to watch like HOARDERS, INTERVENTION, THE FIRST 48, BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT, and several others. Basically it's my go to place for reality type programming. The only fictional drama I've watched that plays on the channel is CSI:MIAMI. David f*cking Caruso. Love him. That show was originally broadcast on CBS, and now A&E shows all the reruns.

A&E has had their own batch of original series like THE GLADES, and new shows, LONGMIRE and COMA. THE GLADES got a second season, so it must fair pretty well, but now the network is stepping it up with PSYCHO prequel series, BATES MOTEL.

The show, "examines the twisted relationship between serial killer-to-be Norman Bates and his mother Norma." Vera Farmiga (THE DEPARTED) has been attached for some months to play the role of Norma, and now it looks like they have found someone to play the one and only, Norman.

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY's Freddie Highmore has been set to play the disturbed son that we all know and love. Well, he didn't start out disturbed, his mother made him that way. I cringe thinking of the interactions that will go on between Farmiga and Highmore.

Is Highmore a good fit for a younger Bates? His predecessor, Anthony Perkins might think so.

Source: Deadline



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