Free State of Jones gives you five free minutes of the movie

free state of jones, matthew mcconaughey

This has been a truly weird summer. 

Want to know how I know? There's a new Matthew McConaughey movie coming out this weekend, and people either seem to not care or don't know about it at all. That's right... FREE STATE OF JONES opens in theaters this Friday and I'd bet that if you asked one of your friends about seeing the new McConaughey flick in a few days, they'd look at you like you were mad. 

"What are you even talking about, dude?" they'd ask. "It's INDEPENDENCE DAY or bust."

STX Entertainment, which hasn't done all that much in breaking that line of thinking, may have come to terms with the fact that no one knows they have a movie on the docket in the coming days. And so rather than try to fight that uphill battle against aliens, they're just going to give you the whole movie for free in bits and pieces, so that you might come around to seeing it fully assembled and digitally projected as soon as it's convenient. 

That's the only rationale I have for giving the general public a free five minutes of your movie a few days before it's set to open. Usually you want them to pay for that kind of action. But, then again, when very few know your movie even exists, you've gotta try whatever possible to hook them. 

Anyone now going?

FREE STATE OF JONES opens in theaters on Friday, June 24.



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