Friel and Ferrell

Anna Friel has signed on to star opposite Will Ferrell in LAND OF THE LOST. The film, directed by Brad Siberling (LEMONY SNICKET) will see Ferrell play a disgraced paleontologist who finds himself in a strange prehistoric world. Unfortunately, whenever someone signs on to a Ferrell movie, it's like someone signing on to play for the Cavs. It's still irrefutably the LeBron show. Fortunately though, if nothing else, at least she's great to look at - I never was all that hot on Christina Applegate or Leslie Bibb.

I had totally forgotten about TIME LINE, but Anna Friel was in it and she fell in love with a pre-300 Gerard Butler. More recently though, she was the chick who fell in love with the Mexican kid in the GOAL movies. Most probably, in LAND OF THE LOST, she will fall in love with Will Ferrell. Normally I'd make a crack about being unidimensional, possibly with an allusion to Matthew Perry or someone like that, but Friel is mad sexy, so I'm giving her a pass. Plus, it's not like Ferrell movies are about sweeping character arcs or the testing of artistic depth. And certainly not when the movie is about Will Ferrell and dinosaurs.
Extra Tidbit: Friel has a kid with boyfriend David Thewlis - the dude who plays Professor Lupin in the HARRY POTTER flicks.



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