Fringe reveals a new poster and teaser for the final season as well as hints at the possibility of a movie

FRINGE is a great show that is ending far too soon. With a truncated 13 episode final season set to start this September, Comic Con provided just the right venue to discuss the direction the last season will take.

FRINGE producer J.H. Wyman showed off the impressive season five teaser and stated that it was cobbled together as a marketing tool to convince Fox executives to greenlight the upcoming season. It certainly does the trick. Check it out.

Previous reports claimed that the final season would take place entirely in the 2036 featured in the season four episode "Letters of Transit". It looks like the final episodes will figure prominently into that time period, but Wyman did expressly state when season five would kick off.

Wyman told the fans that the new season is “going to pick up exactly where we left off in 419, the next day.” The EP also revealed that he worked out the show’s conclusion about “two or three months ago” and unlike past seasons, he “let the case in on what’s going to happen.” He wanted the actors to have “enough time to know where we and they are going.” Joshua Jackson added, “just as you guys want the show to end well we want the show to end well,” Wyman made a point of thanking the fans but also the network for not cancelling the show despite it’s “middling numbers.” “Yea, Fox, you have to really say thank you, Wyman said. The producer added, “we tend to forget it’s a business but they stuck with us.”

I am very excited to see how these last episodes shape up. FRINGE originally struck me as a knock off of THE X-FILES but built itself into one of my favorite series. It will be sad to see it go. Stars John Noble and Joshua Jackson hinted that FRINGE continuing in some fashion was probably and a big screen adventure could happen. With the popularity of FIREFLY all these years later, never count a popular fanbase out. FRINGE fans could make a movie happen!

The fifth and final season of FRINGE debuts on September 28.

Extra Tidbit: John Noble has never been nominated for an Emmy. Now, more than ever, the actor's excellent work as Walter Bishop needs to be recognized.
Source: Deadline



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