From beyond the grave! Ouija returns!

Ok, Universal, we get it! You really want to make board games into movies. The problem with adapting the Ouija board for film is that 3 out of 4 other horror movies already use it as a plot device. It's going to be very hard to adapt this product without copying PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, or JUMANJI.

So, here's is my idea: Do something completely outside of the box! Do an animated film, and get the guy who did the animated sequence for HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1. Something out-there that will blow our minds. You have no where to go but up!

The film was considered dead last summer, but was reported today that OUIJA is back on track with Universal. It seems that it will become a much smaller film than originally planned. Somewhere in the $5 million range. And it is possible that the film will be a “found footage” genre picture.

Critics of the project would have already seen that coming a mile away. The greatest horror/thriller films are those that can redefine the genre, or spin a worn-out cliché into something we haven't seen before.

So the question remains. Can you make a movie about a Oujia board and still surprise an audience?



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