From The Devil Inside to The Vatican

Right after THE DEVIL INSIDE bilked audiences out $35 million dollars last weekend, Deadline is reporting that the director and co-writer of the film already has his next film lined up at Warner Bros.

William Brent Bell's next was written by David Cohen and is another religious horror film called THE VATICAN. Expect it to mix traditional narrative with some of the found footage stuff he's familiar with. The film is on the fast track right now.

Of course the question is- will they be able to sell the movie as "From the director of THE DEVIL INSIDE"? The movie's received almost univerally awful reviews from both critics and audiences, getting a 0 out of 10 from us and receiving an ultra-rare F score from CinemaScore during exit polls as people surged out of the theater, furious at the ending. An F means that only 19% of people liked it, and almost never happens.

Can this buzz turn against them or will the name recognition help? What do you folks think?

Source: Deadline



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