Full teaser trailer for The Conjuring 2 leaves you feeling upside-down

Three years ago, Warner Bros. proved that horror can play in the summer blockbuster landscape when they delivered THE CONJURING. Now, after director James Wan stepped away from horror in order to make FURIOUS 7, he's back to his roots to explore another case from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Fermiga) in THE CONJURING 2. 

These are the types of films that are Wan's bread and butter, and, from the look at this first teaser trailer, it looks like he's got another hit on his hands that, once again, should carve through the competition of big-budget blow-'em-ups over the summer simply by being unlike everything else you can find at the movie theater. Warner Bros. is careful not to give too much away this early, much like they did with the first CONJURING, but the tone of it will have you feeling a bit uneasy - exactly what they want you to associate with a horror flick when it comes time to purchase your ticket.

THE CONJURING 2 aims to scare audiences on June 10.

Source: Warner Bros.



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