Full Toy Story 3 trailer online!

The new trailer for TOY STORY 3 is here and delivers a lot more substance in terms of what to expect in the third installment. I was a bit skeptical after the first teaser but this full trailer delivers in a big, big way.

About three weeks ago I was able to see what was a rough cut of this trailer. It featured some unfinished animation so I held off writing about it and in retrospect, I'm glad I did. That trailer was mostly the same but played up a little bit more of the ominous tone that is hinted at here towards the end, as well as a reveal of the film's villain. Since they obviously don't want that given away yet, I won't go into more detail but let's just say I'm already looking forward to the next trailer. Anyway, enough blabbering. Check out the brand new TOY STORY 3 trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: Somewhere Jim Law is having a heart attack with joy.
Source: JoBlo.com



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