Full track listing for the Justice League movie soundtrack revealed

Last week, fans were treated to the sound of Danny Elfman's epic Justice League theme, which had then been followed up by a music video for Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL's cover of The Beatles song "Come Together," that included new footage from the upcoming film. Today, the full track-listing for the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie soundtrack was revealed, and it may provide us with a bit of insight as to some story-related content that will take place in the film.

Here's a list of the songs that will appear as a part of the sountrack for JUSTICE LEAGUE: 

1. “Everybody Knows” — Sigrid

2. The Justice League Theme — Logos

3. Hero’s Theme

4. Batman on the Roof

5. Enter Cyborg

6. Wonder Woman Rescue

7. Hippolyta’s Arrow

8. The Story of Steppenwolf

9. The Amazon Mother Box

10. Cyborg Meets Diana

11. Aquaman in Atlantis

12. Then There Were Three

13. The Tunnel Fight

14. The World Needs Superman

15. Spark of The Flash

16. Friends and Foes

17. Justice League United

18. Home

19. Bruce and Diana

20. The Final Battle

21. A New Hope

22. Anti-Hero’s Theme

23. “Come Together” — Gary Clark Jr. and Junkie XL

24. “Icky Thump” — The White Stripes

25. The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track)

26. The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track)

27. Mother Russia (Bonus Track)

Note: As of this moment, it remains unclear if the tracks listed above are ordered in how they appear chronologically in the film.

Without having seen the film, we can't say for certain when these songs will begin to accompany all the kicking and punching that will assuredly go down. However, if you take the above order as law, the titles point to what I would imagine are considered milestones in the super heroic plot. For example, the tracks: “Hippolyta’s Arrow,” “The Story of Steppenwolf,” and “The Amazon Mother Box” are all presented in a cluster toward the beginning of the soundtrack. Does this imply that Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother, might very well play a part in the villainous Steppenwolf acquiring a well-guarded Mother Box, a living computer capable of unspeakable destruction?

There's also the tracks: "Then There Were Three", "The World Needs Superman", and "A New Hope" to speculate wildly about. Will we see the League beaten down to only three remaining members during the film's action-heavy climax? Do circumstances become so dire that only Superman can help the team win in an epic battle of good vs. evil? Also, does Superman perhaps enter this film uncharacteristically, as a villain, then come to his senses by the time credits begin to roll? Again, this is just speculation, though we won't have to wait for long to find out for sure.

In looking at this list, the track that really has me scratching my head is the one entitled "Anti-Hero's Theme." I mean, what's up with that, right? Will a member of the Justice League betray their roots by the close of the film, placing their friends and the rest of the world in danger? Will Batman go rogue? Will Cyborg be re-programmed for ill intent? These are my questions, people!

Like I'd said, we don't have long to wait until JUSTICE LEAGUE storms into cinemas on November 17th. However, the soundtrack will be available digitally on November 10th, with a two-disc physical edition set to hit shelves on December 8th. Furthermore, a vinyl edition will also be released on February 9, 2018.  



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