Funny Lego Batman clip does good job of criticizing the idea of Batman

THE LEGO BATMAN movie is coming out soon, so inevitably the studio has been rolling out the barrage of promotional clips. Which would normally be really annoying, but every shot in this movie so far has been so-packed with jokes, that they've at least been fun. It's up in the air if the wall-to-wall sight gags and jokes will eventually get grating, but it worked for the first LEGO film, so we'll see.

Anyway, here's a clip that doesn't focus on Batman, per se, but rather his alter-ego Bruce Wayne (who just has random bars of gold on him) and his ally Barbara Gordon (who seems to be Gotham's new Commissioner):

I like how it gets in the heart of some uncomfortable implications of Batman (especially the whole "rich guy uses position to beat up poor people"-thing), while still keeping things light. I am actually curious how dark and how critical the film will be (because THE DARK KNIGHT was a similar refutation and then re-evaluation of Batman, vis-a-vis "escalation"), since the film doesn't seem to be shying away from acknowledging his parent's death and (possibly) also Commissioner Gordon's death as well.

Either way, I guess we'll see wehn THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE swings into theaters February 10th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Note, none of his faults are "killing people".
Source: YouTube



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