Fuqua directs Escobar

Don't you guys love it when this happens? When two movies about essentially the same thing get greenlit at the same time, and then they both race against each other to finish first yet still be the better film? It happened with asteroids, volcanoes, Truman Capote, and now it's happening with a Columbian drug lord.

Last week it became official that Joe Carnahan's KILLING PABLO was getting made as Jarvier Bardem (THE SEA INSIDE) signed on to play the title role of Pablo Escobar. And now today comes word that Antoine Fuqua, best known for his work on TRAINING DAY, will be helming ESCOBAR, to be produced by Oliver Stone (and the kid who played Reese, from MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE, believe it or not).

ESCOBAR is based on 'Mi Hermano Pablo' which was written by his borther Roberto, who served as his confidante and account. This movie seems like it will focus more on Escobar's life, whereas Carnahan's film will concentrate more on the hunt to brin Escobar down. Since Carnahan is currently tied up prepping his James Ellroy adaptation WHITE JAZZ with George Clooney, Escobar is looking to be first out of the gate. Either way, both of these films owe a lot to Vinny Chase and the ENTOURAGE boys for bringing Escobar back into the spotlight. Even Olive Stone admits it: "This is a great project about a fascinating man who took on the system. I think I have to thank 'Scarface,' and maybe even Ari Gold."

Extra Tidbit: You may recall that Oliver Stone once beat out another competing biopic with his ALEXANDER, essentially ending production on Baz Luhrmann's planned movie about Alex the Great, with Leo DiCaprio set to headline.
Source: Variety



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