Fuqua takes Prisoners

In July, PRISONERS was a mess. Fortunately the films luck has turned around recently since TRAINING DAY director Antoine Fuqua is set to helm the dark tale.

For those of you who are not caught up on the subject, originally Brett Ratner was attached with Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg set to star. Of course, things weren't getting off the ground.

The script was said to be "hot" but the budget ($30-$40 million) for some reason freaked the industry out. So after sitting around for awhile, Alcon picked up the movie. This will possibly be good move on their part that Fuqua is doing it. Plus, there's also the little matter of casting at this point. Bale and Walhberg would have sold the shit out of this movie, but both are currently working on THE FIGHTER.

Fuqua is perfectly capable of making this movie great. The plot sounds right up his alley: a small-town man who, after his daughter and her friend are kidnapped and the cops fail to solve the crime, takes matters into his own hands. The man holds the guy hostage who he suspects committed the crime. There is also a conflict with a big city detective who was assigned to the case.

This has got awards season written all over it.

Extra Tidbit: Why do so many people hate on another movie he directed, KING ARTHUR?
Source: Risky Biz Blog



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