G4 wants you to get out of your parents basement and into a Banana Republic

For those who have championed G4 as the go-to geek network, you may want to get a haircut and toss your Avengers t-shirts.  The NBC-Universal owned network is getting a major facelift, which will focus on a more chic, GQ-like look, diverting away from ironic t-shirts, skinny jeans, and disheveled hair.  However, they intend to do this while still remaining true to the video game and tech roots. 

G4 is best known for its pop-culture extravaganza show Attack of the Show, which is also famous for its Comic Con coverage and, well, boobs.  Originally hosted by Chris Hardwick and Olivia Munn, the show is now headlined by Michael Ian Black and Sara Jean Underwood, which is pretty much on par with what the previous hosts brought to the table; a nerd and a hottie. (edit: original host was actually Kevin Rose, then Kevin Pereira (amongst others)...but Hardwick will always be the one I remember).

I'm really not sure what to make of this news.  On one hand, it seems that the network is simply trying to rebrand, which happens to every show at some point, due to slumping numbers, changing times, or new leadership.  On the other hand, it feels like the network is telling the stinky nerds to clean up their act and grow up.  In the movie L.A. STORY with Steve Martin, there's a similar shift for his character's "wacky weatherman" to become a snobby, boring weatherman who simply reads the news with no enthusiasm whatsoever. 

The changes are being mulled to take effect in early 2013, so clean our your closet, get a haircut, and make a trip down to Banana Republic or The Gap and get yourself ready for the "chic" geek phenom. 

I guess we'll always have this, though, won't we?

Extra Tidbit: Do you feel any pressure to change the way you look as a movie geek?
Source: Variety



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