Gal Gadot comments on the tone of the upcoming Wonder Woman film

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

One of the common complaints lobbed at BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE was that it was "too dark" and needed more moments of humour to help lighten the mood. Whether that opinion is correct or not doesn't seem to matter, but it has prompted a discussion on the over-all tone of the DCEU. Gal Gadot spoke with Digital Spy about the upcoming WONDER WOMAN and gave a hint towards what type of film we're in for.

It's very interesting. It has moments of humour, but it's pretty dark.

Seeing as how much of the film will be taking place during the first World War, I can't say that Gadot's comments are a surprise. The Wonder Woman we encountered in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE was a little bit jaded when it came to the human race, rightly so, and it had been many years since she last went out of her way to play the superhero game. Gal Gadot says that the Wonder Woman we'll be introduced to in WONDER WOMAN will be a very different version of the character.

In Batman v Superman, you get a glimpse of who she is but not where she comes from. In Wonder Woman, this would be the first time we ever tell the coming-of-age story of how Diana becomes Wonder Woman. We go back 100 years to when she's more naïve, she's this young idealist. She's pure. Very different to the experienced, super-confident, grown-up woman you've seen.

WONDER WOMAN is set for a June 2, 2017 release.

Source: Digital Spy

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