Gal Gadot to star opposite Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice action comedy

Do you smell that? Dwayne Johnson's upcoming action comedy RED NOTICE is cooking up one hell of a co-star for the RAMPAGE and MOANA actor, as it's just been announced that Gal Gadot, has joined the cast of the film. Directing from an original script of his own design is Rawson Marshall Thurber, who will begin shooting the pic for Universal Pictures in Europe come April 2019.

RED NOTICE will be Gadot's first starring role outside of her work with DC Entertainment as the Warrior Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman. Details surrounding Thurber's new project are being kept under wraps at this time, though the film is being described as a globe-trotting, action-comedy, heist thriller designed as a three-hander between Johnson, Gadot and another male star who’ll soon be set. Gadot plays a brilliant and mysterious figure in the art world.

News of Gadot joining RED NOTICE comes after the Fast and Furious star recently reunited with director Patty Jenkins for work on DC Entertainment's WONDER WOMAN 2. In other movie-related news, Gadot has also met with Sue Kroll for a potential starring role in MY DEAREST FIDEL, a film based on a Cold War affair between controversial political figure Fidel Castro and a U.S. journalist.

Those looking forward to seeing Gadot and Johnson in RED NOTICE will have a bit of a wait ahead of them, as the film is set for a worldwide release June 12, 2020. In the meantime, why not do a re-watch of the Fast & Furious franchise? After all, both actors appear in several of those films, which are always good for a bit of dumb, pedal-to-the-metal fun.



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