Galifianakis schmuck

The best experience I've had as far as stand-up goes was seeing Zach Galifianakis. Any man with the high school drama teacher look that wears the signature ANNIE dress is amazing in my book.

It looks like we'll be getting more Galifianakis as he is negotiating to appear in the Jay Roach directed, DINNER WITH SCHMUCKS. The movie is basically about a pathetic guy who ruins the lives of anyone who spends any time with him. The cast so far consists of Steve Carrell, Paul Rudd, and Lucy Punch. Galifianakis will play the assistant manager of a mattress store who is dating Carell's ex-wife. I can only imagine how this will pan out. Hilarious, I'm sure.

The comedian actually has quite a few films coming out with YOUTH IN REVOLT in October, ROGUE'S GALLERY, LITTLE FISH, STRANGE POND, and he just signed for DUE DATE, directed by THE HANGOVER'S Todd Phillips.

I think the pairing of Carell, Rudd, and Galifianakis will be amazing. But I'd watch Zach in anything. SCHMUCKS will come out in 2010.

Extra Tidbit: "Dane Cook must be stopped." Galifianakis's final words on paper when I saw him.
Source: THR



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