Game of Thrones actor Alexander Siddig to play Ra's Al Ghul on Fox's Gotham

As HBO's critically-acclaimed swords and sorcery drama GAME OF THRONES prepares for its two final seasons, we're seeing many of its actors move on to new and exciting projects now that their schedules are clear of commitments and dragons. Today, it's been announced that Alexander Siddig (who plays the character Doran Martell on the high-fantasy series) will be joining the cast of Fox's GOTHAM as Ra's Al Ghul - one of Batman's most storied and ruthless villains.

Currently, GOTHAM is enjoying a bit of time off from its schedule, but is set to return when the show kicks off its Dark Knight story arc from Bruno Heller. Created by DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz, writer Dennis O’Neil and artist Neal Adams, Ra’s Al Ghul was first introduced into the Batman mythos back in 1971. As the head of the League of Shadows, Al Ghul has been a thorn in the sides of DC-related superheroes for generations, using the art of manipulation, magic, and familial ties to Batman himself to weave his web of deceit and destruction.

I'm not all caught up with GOTHAM, but I would like to see how Siddig brings Ra's into the fold, and in what way his performance differs from that of Matt Nable's portrayal on The CW's ARROW. Ra's Al Ghul has always struck me as a cool character. I like the way he almost always refers to Bruce as "detective", and I wouldn't mind taking a dip in one of his many Lazarus Pits, if only for a moment to soothe my lower back pain. Here's hoping that Siddig can add some new depth to the character, or, at the very least, ham it up to the point of being just as insane as anything else on Fox's weird and wacky Batman drama.

GOTHAM will return on April 24, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Ra's al Ghul made his comic book debut in the pages of Batman #232 in June of 1971.
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