Game of Thrones featurette talks about making the last episode of season 7

I imagine people are tired of writers exclaiming "Holy shit GAME OF THRONES!!!" after every episode. And, to be fair, while I did yell that out while watching the finale, nothing truly surprised me. I knew The Wall coming down was going to be the season closer, I knew Arya and Sansa were too smart to fall for Littlefinger's bullshit, and I was pretty certain that Cersei wasn't going to be convinced - wight or no wight. But goddamn if it wasn't a good hour-and-a-half of television!

Thing is, I don't mind the more blockbuster-y take on the show. Especially as the penultimate - and not final - season. I think there needs to be that sense of uplift so that the (I assume) more fraught and tense final season has more heft. At least that's how I feel. I mean, I love politicking, backdoor maneuvering, and great actors in throne rooms just talking intensely as much as the next guy - but there was an ice dragon ridden by a zombie king that blew shit up real good in this episode. I can't hate a show that gives me such things.

Anyway, so Dany and Jon got together, huh? Which brings up two questions: a) how's Jon going to react when he finds out Daenerys is his aunt?, and b) Tyrion, why the hell you creepin'?

Meanwhile we probably won't see season 8 until fucking 2019.

Extra Tidbit: I literally cheered when Baelish got it. So cathartic.
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