Game of Thrones has completed filming on their biggest battle scene yet

We all know that big battle sequences can take an extremely long amount of time and energy to shoot, as there are literal armies to orchestrate among the immense chaos. GAME OF THRONES has been delivering cinema-quality battles for years now, and with their final season in the works, they’ve officially outdone themselves in the epicness department. Thanks to a picture that’s made its way onto the internet, we’ve just learned that the production has completed work on their biggest battle scene yet after over two months of shooting! 

The GAME OF THRONES-themed site, Watchers on the Wall, got ahold of a picture posted by assistant director Jonathan Quinlan which shows a note thanking the crew for their work on the battle scene. Quinlan added in his caption (the post has been deleted) saying it was done across “55 consecutive nights, 11 weeks, 3 locations.”  The internet is forever, Quinlan!

11 weeks is an absurd amount of time to film a battle scene, and more than doubles the time spent on the last record for a GOT battle scene shoot (“Battle of the Bastards”), which took about a month. Now, who knows how the whole scene will occur over the course of the episode, but if it took this long to film chances are we could be seeing an epic sequence that makes up almost the entirety of the episode. And do I even need to ask if there are dragons? Of course, there will be dragons!

What we can take from the title (Night Dragons) at the beginning of the note perhaps means this could be the battle that finds the Night King squaring off against the armies of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), but that’s simply my own guess. A battle that large would need a giant chunk of time to film and lord knows what else would need that much time to shoot. If there is something else, then basically season 8 of GOT will be nothing but constant carnage.  That year-long wait just got a lot longer, right?

GAME OF THRONES returns sometime in 2019.



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