Game of Thrones' Viserys Targaryen to star as the lead in Closer to the Moon

I don't know much about British actor Harry Lloyd, but I do know that his Viserys Targaryen on HBO's excellent "Game of Thrones" is one of THE best sniveling little asshole characters I've seen in any medium. It's a terrific (and hilarious) performance.

Now, according to Deadline, Lloyd will be bringing those thespian skills to the lead role in CLOSER TO THE MOON. He'll play opposite Vera Farmiga and Mark Strong in the period drama "where a Jewish group of former anti-Nazi revolutionaries refocus their skills against the communists and are arrested for robbing a bank under the guise of staging a film shoot. A year later, the culprits are sentenced to death but first are forced to reenact the caper in a propaganda film." Lloyd will play a cameraman recruited to shoot the film.

"The Dragon" was recently seen in the Cary Fukunaga-directed JANE EYRE and just wrapped the Meryl Streep/Margaret Thatcher drama THE IRON LADY.
Source: Deadline



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