Game of Thrones, Westworld will be absent from San Diego Comic-Con this year

San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner, and you’re probably itching to hear all about your favorite shows and movies from a litany of upcoming panels. Two of the most popular shows around right now are HBO’s GAME OF THRONES and WESTWORLD, but sadly, anyone who loves androids and dragons will get little out of the proceedings, as HBO has revealed it will not showcase anything from either show at Comic-Con.

A rep for HBO (via Deadline) claimed the reason for not bringing any goodies to the Con has to do with production schedules, saying, “Due to production schedules and air dates for Game of Thrones and Westworld, these series will not be presented at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. HBO has a longstanding relationship with SDCC, and we are very grateful for the fans’ enthusiastic response over the years. We look forward to returning in the future.”

Deadline adds that not only will HBO not be presenting anything from GOT or WESTWORLD at SDCC, but they won’t have much of a presence at all. That means no one coming out and talking about a season two of BARRY, or about future seasons of SILICON VALLEY, etc. Unfortunately, anyone hoping Larry David would grace the stage of Hall H to announce more CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM will be woefully disappointed.

HBO is not the only major distributor of content sitting out SDCC, as news broke recently that Marvel – the king of SDCC, you could argue – will also have a muted presence at the event. This is because they don’t plan to announce anything new until the release of AVENGERS 4, even though we know CAPTAIN MARVEL, SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING 2 and GUARDIANS 3 are on the way. Fingers crossed they show up, drop the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer, proceed to drop the mic, and walk the hell out.

So, yeah, Comic-Con is starting to look a little light for anyone hoping for big reveals. Perhaps DC will swoop in and steal the spotlight with some SHAZAM! footage or announcements of their future lineup. This could also give the smaller fish more room to swim, so to speak, with less known projects getting their time to shine. Here's to hoping HBO or Marvel are just pulling our leg, and are instead planning an even cooler party across the street. 

WESTWORLD season two is currently airing, and GAME OF THRONES returns for its final season next year. 

Source: Deadline



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