Gary Oldman talks a little about The Dark Knight Rises and marrying Tom Hardy

At this point, I'll take whatever info I can get about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Honestly though, I should be used to the secrecy that constantly surrounds Nolan's Bats series. I know one of the biggest worries with this film is will it turn out to be a SPIDER-MAN 3. A case of too much shit in one movie. Gary Oldman comforts me when he gives some details about the third and final film.

Right off, MTV asks if Oldman has seen a script yet, "No, I haven't seen the script yet--I know the story though, and it's a great story. I mean, you look at The Dark Knight and think how's he going to top it? But I think he has." The interviewer tries to pry more details out, but Oldman knows the drill, "I can't say anything. I'm sworn to secrecy. They will kill me."

Then Oldman is asked if the scope is bigger, does it have that finality to it? "Yeah the scope of it and also the way he sort of brings it back to Batman Begins. And really what Christian, what Bruce Wayne discovers about himself, what he learns about himself at the end of this one."

But what about Commissioner Gordon, will he have a decent sized role in TDKR, "Yeah, he says that it's a good role but I'll have to wait and see won't I?"

The final question posed to the actor is whether or not he has worked with some of the new cast members yet, "Yeah I just worked with Tom on Tinker, Tailor [Soldier, Spy], I'm off to do a couple of days with him on The Wettest County [in the World] and then we work together on Batman. And then we get married. It's 2011. It's the year of Gary and Tom."

Extra Tidbit: Wondering who JGL will be. Still hope it's Crazy Quilt.
Source: MTV



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