Gemma Arterton cast as Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot TV comedy

Marilyn Monroe is often seen as the ultimate symbol of Hollywood beauty, with her glamorous look and platinum blonde hair establishing her as a true icon. Her stardom has stood the test of time and the actress has even been portrayed by other actresses on screen. One more talented actress can be added to that list, as actress Gemma Arterton (PRINCE OF PERSIA, BYZANTIUM) has been cast as Monroe in an upcoming TV comedy.

Deadline got the exclusive that Arterton will play the screen bombshell as part of a one-off TV comedy, IT’S ME, SUGAR for Sky Arts. The comedy is part of that upcoming season of Urban Myths, and it’s said the show will focus on how Monroe’s rumored difficulty saying the line “it’s me, sugar” in the movie SOME LIKE IT HOT, which some say was caused to her drinking. James Purefoy is set to play HOT’S director, Billy Wilder.

One of the most famous portrayals of Monroe was by actress Michelle Williams in the 2011 movie MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, with Williams earning an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win for her work. Arterton won’t exactly have the same platform as Williams did to explore Monroe, but there’s enough room to explore her and her behind-the-scenes behavior in an interesting way.

What do you all think? I’ve always liked Arterton and I’m glad she’s getting such a chance to explore such a dynamic figure, even if it’s just for a short time onscreen. She will do a great job, and I'm actually on board to see her play the character in a movie. There's more than enough content to make another Monroe movie, so I say let's make it happen!

Source: Deadline



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