George Lucas believes the world will end in 2012...okay...

Thanks to a link from a friend who loves STAR WARS this weird article was found.

Usually I stay out of the "George Lucas ruined my childhood" controversy. However, this re-telling of an encounter between Lucas, Seth Rogen and Steven Spielberg is one part bizarre and one part hilarious.

Recently, Lucas and Spielberg happened to join in on a movie meeting that Rogen was a part of. At some point Lucas makes Rogen really paranoid. Here's the story:

“George Lucas sits down and seriously proceeds to talk for around 25 minutes about how he thinks the world is gonna end in the year 2012, like, for real. He thinks it. He’s going on about the tectonic plates and all the time Spielberg is, like, rolling his eyes, like, ’My nerdy friend won’t shut up, I’m sorry...’

“I first thought he (Lucas) was joking... and then I totally realized he was serious and then I started thinking, ’If you’re George Lucas and you actually think the world is gonna end in a year, there’s no way you haven’t built a spaceship for yourself... So I asked him... ’Can I have a seat on it?’

“He claimed he didn’t have a spaceship, but there’s no doubt there’s a Millennium Falcon in a garage somewhere with a pilot just waiting to go... It’s gonna be him and Steven Spielberg and I’ll be blown up like the rest of us.”

Extra Tidbit: What's the craziest thing that you think a celebrity has ever done? George Jones riding a tractor drunk FTW!
Source: Toronto Sun



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