Gerard Butler a cool nerd: adapts fantasy series A Darker Shade of Magic

So Gerard Butler is proving some nerd cred by producing an adaptation of popular fantasy novel series A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC. No proof he secretly plays D&D with Vin Diesel yet, but I'm going to report that anyway based on no evidence whatsoever because I want to be true so bad, and maybe I can will it into existence.

Anyway, here is the synopsis for the book, according to The Hollywood Reporter:

[The story] centers on Kell, a magician who has the ability to travel between parallel universes connected by one magical city, in this case London. Kell can travel between four parallel worlds within London, including Grey London, where residents believe magic is a myth, Red London (where magic is revered), White London (where magic is battled over) and the dark Black London, where magic has overpowered the people. When Kell meets Delilah Bard, a London pickpocket, he's whisked into a universe-hopping adventure.

There was a bitter bidding war for the property, which Sony ended up winning. There are also two other books (which Sony obviously hopes to adapt if the first one indeed proves successful), with the third (and so far, final) one - A CONJURING OF LIGHT - being released just a week ago on February 21st.

No telling yet if Butler will have a role for himself, but I'm down for a grumpy Scottish wizard that stabs other wizards in the head. But what about you Schomes? Any fans of the series? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: Neil Moritz and author Victoria Schwab will co-produce alongside Butler.
Source: THR



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