Gerard Butler gets constructive with The Bricklayer

Seems like it's been a while since we saw Gerard Butler deliver some good beatings, but he's ready to put his prodigious masculinity on display again with some stone slinging.

The perpetually scruffy Scotsman is attached to star in a Millennium Films thriller called THE BRICKLAYER, based on a bestselling book by Noah Boyd (aka Paul Lindsay), a former FBI agent.

A synopsis: "FBI deputy assistant director Kate Bannon tracks down Steve Vail, a maverick FBI agent who left the bureau for a new life as a Chicago bricklayer, because she needs Vail's help in apprehending a criminal gang, the Rubaco Pentad, with a grudge against the FBI. The Pentad follows up the murder of L.A. reporter Connie Lysander, who wrote a story critical of the FBI, with ever-increasing demands for money from the bureau to forestall future killings and the setting of sophisticated death traps. When an agent disappears while making a payoff to the gang, he becomes a prime suspect, despite Vail's reservations."

The company is still seeking an appropriate actress for the Bannon role. Butler will also soon be seen making his points with hollowpoints in MACHINE GUN PREACHER, and in CORIOLANUS, the Shakespeare adaptation that marks Ralph Fiennes' feature directing debut.

Extra Tidbit: Publishers Weekly described "The Bricklayer" as "routine" and "predictable".
Source: THR



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