Gerard Butler in talks for wilderness action flick Manhunt

I don't know when Gerard Butler sleeps.  Yet again, he is up for another action role, this time for the Breck-Eisner directed MANHUNT, which is slated to film later this year.

From Deadline: "The plot involves a team of FBI agents sent to the North Carolina wilderness to chase the FBI’s most wanted man, domestic terrorist and survivalist James Tollan, who has eluded arrest with the support of the local population while attacking the federal government. They enroll the help of a reluctant bear hunter to capture the killer. But once the team enters the woods, the hunters become the hunted as Tollan will stop at nothing to survive and defend his territory"

This reminds me a lot of the Tommy Lee Jones/Benecio Del Toro pic THE HUNTED.  Almost too much.  Sure, it could be enjoyable, but it's not beating me over the head with originality.  Breck Eisner (SAHARA) has the technical skill to pull off the film, but he feels like a safe choice to direct the film.  I won't be expecting a visionary take, but an action romp with a lot of predicability. 

Hopefully, I'll be wrong and they'll deliver something bad ass, but I'm not holding my breath.  I like Butler, but he's been hit or miss.  I'd rather see him team up with Guy Ritchie again as the director seems to bring out the best in ol' Gerry.

Extra Tidbit: Will Gerard Butler be able to get out of the shadow of Leonidas? Do you think he already has?
Source: Deadline



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