Gerard Butler will save the White House in Olympus Has Fallen

Gerard Butler has signed up to star in OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. The much buzzed about spec script was snatched up by Millennium Films recently. No known director has been attached to the project.

The plot is vaguely described as a down-on-his-luck former Service Agent who is the only hope when the White House is invaded and taken over by terrorists.

Looking back over Butler's filmography, he has not had a bonafide hit since 300 (unless you count HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, which I don't). This could be the exact vehicle he needs to reclaim the spotlight.

This does sound vaguely like a subplot from the seventh season of 24, but the plot detail for this film is so general it could go in any direction.

Extra Tidbit: Check out the tidbit at the bottom of this article for the plot of my movie idea EXECUTIVE SUSPECT. I should have written a spec script when I had the chance!
Source: Variety



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