Gerard Butler's London Has Fallen finds a replacement director

Eleven days ago, LONDON HAS FALLEN lost their director just six weeks before filming was set to begin. After an 11 day search, it looks like they have found their replacement. While CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN director Fredrik Bond seemed like an inspired choice to take over the sequel to Antoine Fuqua's OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, the sequel will now likely be helmed by another distinct filmmaker.

Deadline is reporting that Millennium Films is close to signing Babak Najafi to helm LONDON HAS FALLEN. Najafi is best known for directing the sequel to SNABBA CASH and episodes of the Cinemax series BANSHEE. Other filmmakers on the shortlist were THE SAPPHIRES director Wayne Blair. Fuqua decided not to helm the sequel for creative reasons and it seems Fredrik Bond left for similar reasons.

OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN was a fun little movie but by no means a memorable movie. Yeah, it was better than Roland Emmerich's WHITE HOUSE DOWN, but that isn't saying much. LONDON HAS FALLEN will reunite Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, and Melissa Leo. Hopefully this carousel of directors doesn't affect the finished product.

LONDON HAS FALLEN is slated to hit theaters on October 2, 2015.

Source: Deadline



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