Gerard McMurray to write & direct Michael B. Jordan in The Silver Bear

Michael B. Jordan, Gerard McMurrary, The Silver Bear

Gerard McMurray served as an associate producer on FRUITVALE STATION, one of Michael B. Jordan's first big films after CHRONICLE, and now the pair are set to reunite once again with THE SILVER BEAR, an upcoming hitman drama based upon the best-selling novel by Derek Haas.

The past several years have seen Gerard McMurray helm BURNING SANDS, THE FIRST PURGE, and he's also directed an episode of Jordan Peele's new Twilight Zone series. In addition to directing THE SILVER BEAR, McMurray will also write and produce the film. Michael B. Jordan will star as Columbus, a feared and respected hitman in the criminal underworld that takes on everyone from drug dealers to Czech crime lords. In a statement, McMurray said:

Fruitvale Station changed our lives. Six years later I’m reuniting with Michael in 2019 and directing him in one of the most exciting and intelligent kick-ass action projects Hollywood and Lionsgate has cooking. It’s beyond dreams. Michael is an amazing, one-of-a-kind talent. He will bring a chilling and unnerving edge, authenticity and precision to the character of Columbus. The Silver Bear is an incredible hunt-and-chase story about the most skilled and feared hitman in the underworld and I have a unique vision for how I want to bring that to life.  I am beyond honored and excited to be working with such supportive partners as Outlier Society, Nickel City Pictures and Lionsgate on my next film.

Nickel City Pictures co-founder Vishal Rungta added, "We are very excited by the addition of Gerard to direct The Silver Bear. From the first meeting, it was clear that Gerard was the right person to realize the potential of the underlying material and is a perfect match for Michael’s talent and charisma. This combination will deliver an interesting, layered action film that today’s audience will love." As there are several books in Derek Haas' Silver Bear series, there's every possibility that this could turn into a franchise. Speaking of franchises, Michael B. Jordan is also slated to bring Tom Clancy's John Clark to life in two films based upon "Rainbow Six" and "Without Remorse," the latter of which will be the subject of the first film which will serve as an origin story for the character.

Source: Lionsgate



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