Germany hates QT

Tobias Kneibe, film editor of the Suddeutsche Zeitung has brought mainstream German attention to Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, claiming that he expects it to be savaged upon its release. Even though he loved the script, and many German film fans love Tarantino, he expects that it will be torn to shreds by local critics.

"All the German historians and critics who were left gasping for breath by Tom Cruise and his worthy attempts will be so shocked by 'Inglorious Bastards' that they will savage it on the spot... the collision between Tarantino-style pop culture with the themes of the Holocaust and Jewish revenge is unprecedented in Germany and its results are completely unpredictable."

If anyone in Germany thinks Quentin Tarantino gives a shit what they think, they're in for a major surprise. I love his movies but that guy does what the hell he wants and I'm pretty sure he's at least marginally crazy. At this point quite frankly I'd be shocked if he didn't ride a polar bear into this Kniebe guy's office and just start masturbating into his computer keyboard, stopping only for Gatorade and to make butterfly silhouettes with his hands.
Extra Tidbit: Tarantino's mother was only 16 when she gave birth to him.
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