Gervais' career advice

Brit comic Ricky Gervais hasn't really completely broken through in the US, but if you've seen his wry, squirm-inducing style on the UK "THE OFFICE" or "EXTRAS" (or the scenes he stole in movies like STARDUST and A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM) then you know he's due.

Gervais hits screens soon in GHOST TOWN, playing a man whose near-death experience leaves him with the undesired ability to see apparitions, and he's making his feature directing debut with the ensemble comedy THIS SIDE OF TRUTH. But as ambitious as he may sound, he admits to being quite lazy. And he's willing to share his secrets.

Some examples of Gervais' keys to lounging success: "If you're not in charge, always play characters who have your haircut. That saves an hour in the morning. No wigs, no beards." And this Homer Simpson-ish tidbit: "Don't do anything that needs skill." And my favorite: "Always say that your character should be sitting down. Don't ever be standing at the beginning of a scene."

Get all the guy's guidance on your bright but idle Hollywood future RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Gervais' frequent collaborator Stephen Merchant was the "lost swan" guy in HOT FUZZ.
Source: Esquire



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