Get a better look at Captain Marvel's costume with this piece of concept art

 When Marvel arrived at Comic-Con this year they brought with them some concept art from the upcoming CAPTAIN MARVEL movie, and in the pics we see Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) giving some Skrulls the business in her superhero duds. We got a good look, but given her mid-ass-kicking pose, it wasn’t the most detailed. Thanks to Andy Park, Visual Development Supervisor at Marvel Studios, what mysteries remained can now be answered after he posted some art of the character’s costume. Behold the all-mighty Brie Larson with her hair blowing in the breeze!

As stated in the text, Park was not able to give out a high-res image, so this will have to do. So far this is the best look we have at the character yet, and most likely the best look we will have for some time. We have over a year-and-a-half before CAPTAIN MARVEL hits theaters, and chances are Marvel will keep everything pretty close to the chest. So drink it all in now, folks.

Given this is concept art the final design may look somewhat altered, but given the look of other MCU heroes (namely Captain America, played by Chris Evans), I’d say this look is exactly the kind of thing Marvel goes in for. It’s not over-the-top, has that armored battle-suit look, and looks very close to the character's modern comic book look. Above all, she looks undeniably badass.

CAPTAIN MARVEL arrives March 2019.

Source: Andy Park



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