Get a closer look at Superman in costume from the set of Man of Steel

Like both THE AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES before it, MAN OF STEEL is filming outside in Illinois and that leaves room for lots of people with fancy telephoto lenses to take shots of Henry Cavill in his blue and barely red tights.

I guess I should tell you to avert your eyes if you like to avoid this kind of thing but aside from a closer look at Superman's costume (which I'm somewhat sure you'll see at some point prior to the film's release), there's nothing spoilery here. I think the biggest thing is seeing Superman without his red undies. I know why they decided to ditch it (superheroes in underwear is so 1980s) but is it still Superman? It has a lot of odd little flourishes but I don't know that any of it makes the costume better? But, full disclosure, I'm not a big Superman nut so I look to you guys to judge. (Also, who's the guy in the mo-cap suit and who is he supposed to be?)

Click either of the pics below to see a larger gallery of spy shots from Superhero Hype.

Source: Superhero Hype



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