Get a good look at Benedict Cumberbatch's Starship from Star Trek Into Darkness

You've seen it before in the trailer for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, but now we have a better look at John Harrison's (Benedict Cumberbatch) starship and have a name for it-- USS Vengeance.

It's pretty sexy. While the Enterprise will always have a special place in our hearts, this baddie ship is kind of like the Lexus or BMW of ships. It's referred to in the film as "Dreadnought-class." There's also no surprise with the name of the ship. Harrison's plan of vengeance is clear. The first close-up photo was revealed via the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS app.

Take note that the film could have been called STAR TREK: VENGEANCE, which is the Russian title. But as you can see that didn't pan out for the US. I think tacking on Vengeance is better than "Into Darkness."

I've included an interior shot as well as one from the final trailer of the outside to show the full scope of the ship.



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