Get close to Sofia Boutella's Jaylah in this new Star Trek Beyond poster

The specific plot points for Justin Lin's STAR TREK BEYOND may be under wraps for the time being, but we do know that there will be two central characters introduced in the upcoming installment. One of them is the villain Krall, played by the magnificent Idris Elba. The second looks to be a mighty ass-kicker named Jaylah, who's portrayed by Sofia Boutella (THE MUMMY, KINGSMAN). If you'd like a closer look, the latest character poster gives us our closest look yet!

Star Trek Beyond Sofia Boutella Jaylah

Judging from the trailers, BEYOND isn't looking to tackle anything new (I'd rather see the crew travel to multiple planets) but I'm hoping the film gives our characters some interesting things to do. INTO DARKNESS tried way too hard to appeal to fans of WRATH OF KHAN, and instead alienated them. If this script can at least avoid the plot holes and inject some fun into the proceedings, then count me in!

STAR TREK BEYOND hits theaters on July 22, 2016.



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