Get ready for Christmas with the Gremlins chat on Movie Fan Central!

For the past two weeks the Movie Fan Central chat of THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy was a huge success and the MFC's largest movie chats to date, but we're moving on this Sunday to the holiday season with a Christmas classic (at least in our eyes) - GREMLINS!

In case you hadn't heard, MFC user Rebellion_Reborn has been hosting a Movie Chat every Sunday night at 7pm EST. As I mentioned earlier, they've been on the LOTR trilogy the past few weeks but previously discussed THE SHINING, EVIL DEAD and more. It's a great opportunity to hang with fellow movie fan and discuss the movies you love in a live setting.

So what do you need to do? It's real easy. Just head to www.moviefancentral.com/chat at 7pm EST and log in with your MFC username. Come prepared with talking points or questions, or feel free to lurk and and see what everyone else is discussing.

Think of it like a book club but not completely f*cking boring. So don't forget, this and every Sunday at 7pm EST at Movie Fan Central!



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