Get Sucker Punch'd with this brand new trailer!

Just today we brought you an early look at what Zack Snyder and crew were up to on the set of SUCKER PUNCH with our set visit and now you can actually SEE what they were up to! The SUCKER PUNCH trailer (which will be in theaters this weekend with DUE DATE) is now online and should just about blow your mind.

I'm still not sure how SUCKER PUNCH will work as a narrative but holyshitthesevisuals. There's so much going on here, I defy you to watch this trailer once without going back to watch it again immediately after your done.

SUCKER PUNCH hits theaters next March and I'm curious to know what everyone thinks. I thought it would make a much bigger splash at Comic-Con but there's still plenty of time to build an audience. Plus this is original content, which is sadly a harder sell these days. Check out the trailer below or head to Apple's trailer site to watch in HD.

Source: Apple



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