Get to know the entire JoBlo.com cast & crew!

When I fortuitously founded JoBlo.com back in 1998, I was working on it all by myself, HTML-ing all the shit myself, posting all the content myself, writing all the reviews myself and basically working at nights/weekends, until around 2001 when I was able to quit my "day job" and do the site full-time (that last part didn't sound too good). But over the years, it's extremely important to note that JoBlo.com is no longer run by one person.

In fact, I believe we've had over 100 staffers over the past 13 years of operations and currently have about 35 people working across all sections of the site including JoBlo, Arrow in the Head, The Digital Dorm and MovieHotties. While 95% of them are freelancers/part-timers (only me, Mike Sampson and the Arrow work full-time), everyone contributes to what makes JoBlo.com what it is today, so I think it's important for our readers to know/see the entire crew from time to time. Most of our staff is based out of the U.S., but we have a few Canadians in there as well, and most of us have never met in real life. The writers' ages range from 20-40.

And you'd be amazed at the number of emails I still receive from folks who think I write everything. I don't even write the reviews anymore, yo! All that to say, check out our recently updated CONTACT US SECTION to know more about each of our team-members, in terms of their LIKES and FAVORITE MOVIES, and always note the "author" listed at the top of each article, which designates the writer in question. Oh, you will also find various ways to get in touch with each of them including by email, via the MFC, via Twitter and another little site called Facebook.

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