Get your first look at The Mummy in trailer sneak peek & poster

The trend with modern movies is that before you can see a full trailer for the film you must watch a teaser for the trailer. This gives you a good 15 seconds of footage and is supposed to get you ramped up for the trailer, which is already a tease for the full movie. It’s an experiment in INCEPTION becoming real, and I normally don’t condone it. But in the case of THE MUMMY with Tom Cruise, I’ll let it slide. Directed by Alex Kurtzman from a script by Jon Spaihts, this new version of the monster classic promises to be a much different version than any MUMMY movie we've seen, not just in visual effects, but in tone as well. Though brief there is plenty to witness before the trailer drops on Sunday, and I have to admit I'm reasonably excited. Damn you, marketing executives!

Watch now!

Like I said there’s only a good 15 seconds of footage, but it offered plenty of goodies, like a scary glimpse at Sofia Boutella’s mummy character and Tom Cruise running. I'm super excited to see more of Boutella in action on Sunday when the full trailer comes out, and I want to see if they're really going to capitalize on the horror elements that have been promised. However I will also accept more of Tom Cruise running.

THE MUMMY arrives June 9.

Source: Universal



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