Get your suit & rope action on with new Kingsman 2 poster

Of all the movies I’m desperately waiting to see footage for, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE is the highest on the list. We’ve seen something for everything else, or at least gotten hints, but KINGSMAN is being a coy little minx. We finally got some new promotional material today, though, in the form of a new poster featuring a fancy man on the left, and an Indiana Jones hipster on the right.

Take a look!

Admittedly it’s not as cool as the teaser poster for the first KINGSMAN, the one will all the guns and gadgets on it, but it still got me thinking. Who is that rope-clad man on the right? I assume the suited up gentleman is Eggsy (Taron Egerton), so that’s ruled out. I guess it's one of those wait-and-see deals, which we learned not too long ago won't be as long an ordeal. But it still an ordeal it is nonetheless.

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE with Egerton, Colin Firth, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Elton John, Julianne Moore and Mark Strong arrives September 29.

Source: Fox



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